Studio V’s going great. August shaping up as the busiest month since officially opening at the start of this year. It’s been a great education – letting the community tell us what they want the space for, and then developing accordingly. When we first started, I thought we’d see photo-shoots, the odd video or film thing, and maybe the occasional yoga or therapy class.

Down the track 8 months – and by far the biggest users are actors and theatre groups hiring the space for rehearsals, classes, workshops, script-writing. Next are singing lessons & therapy classes including mysterious Kambo ceremonies, followed by photo & film/video shoots (kind of the reverse of how I predicted the studio’s use in the beginning). As a result, we’ve added more lighting, chairs, tables & electrical circuits. Time slots have evolved to ‘day-time’ from 10am til 6pm, evenings 6pm til 9 or 10 (exciting stuff, I know).

Yarn played at La Mama through June this year, rehearsed at Studio V.

Fires out.