Stalk & Kim Storm Paris

Dear friends, and Friday night jam partners Stalk & Kim are currently swanning about France (and rubbing it in). Just took this pic from Stalk’s Facebook. They’re back weekend after next – Friday nights in Abbotsford not the same without em, as local ‘supergroup’ Us takes a well earned break in their absence.

Paris 26Aug15
Paris, France – last night, Pic by Stalk.

Posted earlier this week – Melbourne’s weather is on the improve. I take that back today. Rain & 11 degrees, same tomorrow & Saturday. Hurray.

Fires out.

Dogs Thud To Earth

After a meteoric rise to the top 4 over the past 2 months, the Dogs succumbed to a superior West Coast Eagles yesterday. The home side were too good. The Dogs making simple unforced errors, for several turnover goals by half time – the sort of thing they might get away with against lesser sides. They still looked a slim chance, 16 points down in the 3rd, before West Coast stepped on the gas, kicking an impressive 25 goals for the game. There were 38 goals scored in this fast flowing, ferocious encounter.

Dogs Wipeout
Western Bulldog, Stewart Crameri pulls one down in the goal mouth, yesterday.

The Doggies now sit 6th with a big test this Saturday against North Melbourne (who beat ladder-leaders Fremantle yesterday). Things are hotting up. Just two rounds remain of this AFL home-and-away season before the intrigue of September finals. Melbourne’s weather on the up, there’s a familiar feeling in the air. Go Dogs.

Fires out.

Dogs Obliterate

Was lucky enough to attend a pre-game corporate luncheon at Etihad Stadium yesterday – many thanks to brother Gav. Rubbing shoulders with footy heroes Chris Grant, Brad Johnson, Steve Wallace. Unbelievable. Then the game started. The Bulldogs obliterated Melbourne, the game pretty much over in the first quarter. They were so good, me and Gav had trouble believing what we were seeing. I was quietly worried before the game, the Dees having rolled us convincingly earlier this season. The Doggies took their foot off the gas a little in the 3rd quarter before running away with a staggering 98 point victory.

Western Bulldogs vs Melbourne yesterday at Etihad Stadium – click for video highlights.

Recovering today from what turned into a massive day yesterday. Not to mention the days before that. The guys next door opened their bar Saturday night – a whole other story for later.

Fires out.

Chapter Ray Mr Boogie Man

Delivered the play-list last night for the bar next door. Grand opening Saturday night. Should be a big one in true Serbian style. Had a quick beer with the guys then headed over to Mr Boogie Man on Hoddle St & caught Chapter Ray’s set at 8:30. Boys did it well, always a great sounding, tight & engaging show. Must say, the guys at Mr Boogie Man have done a huge amount of work there, bringing the place back to life. It’s been a continuous live venue for 20 years now, under a few different names. The previous owners had really run it into the ground (formerly IDGAFF). Good to see it back with decent PA, lights, stage and great atmosphere. Go check it out.

Chapter Ray-Mr BoogieMan-13Aug15
Chapter Ray, Mr Boogie Man Bar 14 August 2015.

Fires out.

Dogs Go Top 4

Unbelievable – Bulldogs lock in 4th place after Sunday’s destruction of Port Adelaide at Etihad Stadium. And thanks to Mr Mat Ward, we were there to witness. Haven’t seen anything like this from the Dogs since ’97. And this was even more convincing than that. Round 20 (4th last round of the season) plays out this weekend, as the Dogs take on a much-improved Melbourne. The Dees were too good for the Dogs earlier this year. The repeat clash should be a riveting affair. Click the pic for highlights from Sunday’s clash…

Dogs In 4th
Jarrad Grant pulls one down in the forward line, Etihad Stadium – Sunday 9th Aug 2015.

Fires out.

Bulldogs In Belter

As the business end of the AFL season fast approaches, the Doggies turned one on yesterday for an 87 point thrashing of Essendon. Said it before here, but after what was a disastrous preseason – losing the coach, captain, CEO and a raft of high-profile players including Brownlow Medalist Adam Cooney – no one would have thought the Bulldogs any chance of a finals berth. Let alone sitting just outside the top 4 after round 18. But it’s happening – yesterday’s massive win a pleasant shock for Dogs supporters. Click the pic below for game highlights –

Easton Wood pulls down a hanger, Etihad Stadium yesterday.

Still working on the venue. Looking good. Flat to the boards. Guys next door open their bar weekend after next. I’ve been tasked with compiling the play list. More on that shortly.

Fires out.

Tame Impala Triumphs With Currents

Nearly 2 weeks since the release of Tame Impala’s latest album Currents. And what a magnificent album it is. Totally sucked in during the lead-up, Triple J made it feature album, then Triple R the following week. I was all over Youtube listening & re-listening. Then in the week of release, Youtube pulled everthing down to make us wait. By week’s end & release day I was chomping at the bit. Downloaded & slammed it on repeat for days on end. What a f*cking fantastic ride. Not just the release of the year – but also, for mine, the finest Australian offering in years. This act (Kevin Parker) is bigger the world over than most of us realise. Pull a Youtube search & you’ll find appearances on massive US TV late-shows like Jimmy Fallon & Conan O’brien – and festivals such as Glastonbury, Reading & Coachella. If you want an experience that takes you on a different journey every time you embark, you need this album. It’s deeply emotional, the lyrics gripping & heartfelt. Sonically, it’s gritty and beautiful. Enthralling. All hail the genius that is Tame Impala.


Fires out.

Doggies In Thriller

Can’t help this morning but revisit Sunday. At the same time Chapter Ray were launching their EP at The Evelyn, on the other side of town the Bulldogs battled Collingwood in a thriller at Etihad Stadium. Highlights of some really fast flowing football…

Go Doggies!

Fires out.

Chapter Ray Launches Latest EP

Had a great afternoon at the Evelyn Hotel yesterday. Chapter Ray launched their latest EP ‘Ignite Your Ears’ in fine style. The afternoon gig was a masterstroke, making for a bigger-than-usual age range in the audience (the kids had a ball). Well chosen & interesting support acts Jeffrey’s Cabbage & Mark Stucas complimented the event nicely. When Chapter Ray hit the stage, everybody was pumped for an exciting show. And the band delivered just that – a mix of songs from each of their releases and some great new stuff yet to be recorded. When Young (guitarist) & Ray (vocals) sing in unison, it’s something quite unique. Everybody had a ball. Good crowd too for what was a classic dirty Melbourne winter’s day. The after-party happened at Abbotsford’s Park Hotel. That’s how I remembered it anyway – things were pretty hazy by that stage, making for a slow start this morning.

Chapter Ray
Chapter Ray, Ignite Your Ears EP Launch – Evelyn Hotel 26th July 2015. (blurry pic courtesy Carlton pints)

Fires out.

Chapter Ray – Ignite Your Ears (Launch This Sunday)

Mate & drummer Mick Brown handed me his band’s latest offering last week for a pre-release listen. Chapter Ray’s latest EP will be launched at 2pm this Sunday at the Evelyn Hotel, Fitzroy. Their best release so far, for mine – driving up a notch in production & bedding down their sound. It’s an unashamedly commercial pop record loaded with good vibes and super catchy hooks. I’m hearing tinges of Robbie Williams in songs like ‘Pillow’ when vocalist Adam Ray sings “Don’t fight it… Let us ignite your ears…”. There are flavours of bands like Semisonic, Maroon 5 & Fuel peppered throughout. That said, it does have it’s very own identity. You can hear the band’s musical diversity playing it’s part. Mick & Brendan Young (guitars) are both guys with a grunge-rock ethos still pulsing through their veins – and it creates a curious mix coupled with Ray’s pop sensibility. Come down to the Evelyn this Sunday arvo for what promises to be a great gig (you can even bring the kids along for this one) – and get yourself a copy of this fine release.

Rays Launch

Fires out.

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