Massive night last night (I’ll tell you about it next post). Very slow start this morning. Had to get into it. 7am the guys were here to plaster the kitchen. Raced to stay a ahead of them & get the insulation in before the sheets went down. Hardest bit was hanging the ceiling plaster, took 3 of us to hold long sheets in place while the screws went in. All done by 2pm. Crashed.

Kitchen Walls23Aug14
Plastering kitchen walls at the new venue – 23 Aug 2014.

Fires out.

Triple R Radiothon – Get On Board!

Called in this morning during Bigsy’s show (On The Blower) & subscribed to Triple R for another year. What a station. If you haven’t as yet, call in & pledge your subscription. $75 for an individual or band. A very small price to pay for a year of mind blowing, eye-opening, inspiring radio. I’ve heard it said many-a-time: Melbourne wouldn’t be Australia’s music and/or cultural capital without Triple R. As an avid listener, I have to agree. And hey, when everybody snubs us, it’s stations like Triple R who give our band airplay (and thousands of other artists).


Dig deep if you can & give em a call – 03 9388 1027. Radiothon ends this Sunday at midnight. You can still subscribe for a month after that – but you’ll miss going into the running for some ripping daily prizes. Viva La Triple R.

Fires out.

Dare-devil Stu

Stu on the roof yesterday (on the blower between fixing leaks). Pic looking north over Collingwood  & Clifton Hill from the front of the building, new venue directly below.

Stu the plumber on the roof of the new venue building – 20 Aug 2014.

Stu’s done a bunch of plumbing work on the building – and there’s a stack more to do. He is a kinda dare-devil when it comes to working on stuff at precarious heights. There are plenty of stomache-churing times I’ve seen him working by the edge of the roof, 8 metres up, like a man on a tightrope. Not for the squeamish.

Fires out.

Roof Top Collingwood Panorama

Chasing down a series of roof leaks this arvo. Me and Stu (the plumber) got up there to take a look. Took this shot sitting on the ridge, near the front of the building looking south over Collingwood.

Roof top panorama 20Aug14
Rooftops of Collingwood, looking south from Johnston St, just west of Hoddle St – 20 Aug 2014.

Pretty hairy getting up there. One long ladder up from the beer-garden 8 metres to the gutter & over onto the roof. Found the leaks eventually. Dare-devil Stu made the repairs. Next rain, we’ll see how they went. Far as we can tell, for decades much of the rain leaking in from the top floor roof made it’s way down the walls and into the venue area below. This might be the first time it’s been stopped in a very long time. Fingers crossed.

Fires out.

Kitchen Hots Up

Solid weekend working upstairs on what will be the kitchen. That’s Larry on Friday, lifting remaining floor boards & getting levels right. Saturday, my job – laying insulation in the floor. Sunday, floor down. We re-used the original boards & just made it, down to the last one (otherwise, my next job would have been the unlikely task of finding matching boards somewhere).

Upstairs Kitchen 16Aug14-V1

Upstairs Kitchen 16Aug14

Upstairs Kitchen 16Aug14-V3

Fires out.

Before & After Venue Shot

Me working on a room at the rear of the Venue yesterday (complete with plumber’s crack). Final coat on the floor, which pretty much finishes the room. The shot to the right – how it was late last year. Doesn’t tell the whole story. Roof leaking, plaster falling off, floor boards missing, smell of rats. Unrecognisable now. Getting there bit by bit…

After and before – room at Venue rear – 13 Aug 2014.

Fires out.

Sunday Night Jammin

Sunday night at Stalk & Kim’s. Capped off a big weekend working on the new venue.

Kim on shaker, Sunday night 10th Aug 2014.

Fires out.

#1 Dads & Ainslie Wills

Been hearing this on Triple R over the past month. Loving it. #1 Dads, featuring Ainslie Wills.
‘So Soldier’…

Fires out.

Venue Workshop

Shot of the venue space taken a few moments ago. Times like this it’s hard to imagine how it will eventually look…


Restoring an old fire-place in one of the rooms behind the venue today.

Fires out.

Video Vault – China 2012

One from the archives. Coming Home, live at Chang Jiang Festival, Shanghai China 2012.

Fires out.

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