ÂME NOIRE at the V

The awesome ÂME NOIRE shot this video last month in Studio V. The guys worked for two long days on an intense shoot. Love how they’ve used the space, wall textures, floor etc.

Look forward to seeing the guys at a show soon.

Fires out.

Monster Popup Plant Sale @ The V

Oops. Been a while since we posted. The entire AFL off-season to be exact. Anyway, pic below from the night before a mega-popup plant sale in Studio V last Saturday.  The guys are holding another one this coming Saturday. They make the space look like a beautiful little jungle. It gets frantic pretty early – first customers arriving at 8am, winding up around 4pm.

Plant Sale 2-1

Fires out.

Bulldogs Have Their Day

It was an amazing week, swept along in Grand Final fever. To cope with the stress of the Bulldogs upcoming first decider in 55 years, we went to Thursday morning’s open training session at Whitten Oval, tuned in to Thursday night’s GF Footy Show, attended Friday morning’s city-stopping parade, and finally an AFL dinner with a thousand others Friday night. Kate Ceberano, John Stevens and Ross Wilson put in excellent performances sharing the stage with radio & football personalities. At last, the nerves had abated. But it didn’t last, waking the following morning to a bout of shocking game-day anxiety.

We arrived early at The G to witness pre-game entertainment by Vance Joy, Living End and Sting. Then the game kicked off in a blur of adrenaline at 2:30pm. By half time, nerves were utterly frayed, Sydney 2 points ahead. No side took ascendancy til the last 10 minutes, when the Bulldogs slotted a couple of game-icing goals to run out winners by 22 points after a kick on the final siren. It was their first Premiership victory in 62 years. Tears of joy and relief flowed, thousands of Doggies fans in shock (99,981 in attendance). A big night ensued, followed by Sunday morning back at Whitten Oval – 30 thousand delirious supporters singing and cheering.

And just like that, another AFL season closes, the gravity of what just happened yet to truly sink in.

Fires out.

Those Incredible Bulldogs

I’ve held back on posting the past month – our beloved Western Bulldogs have defied all expectations & risen to this final moment of 2016’s AFL season. After 55 years in the wilderness, they’ll line up against Sydney in this Saturday’s Grand Final. A thing we thought we might never see. Out of my mind this week, can barely concentrate on the basics of existence. Feels surreal. At Whitten Oval this morning, the boys trained to a crowd of around ten thousand, chanting, singing, cheering. One guy who’d painted his car red, white & blue, circled the car park to cheering onlookers. The West is painted those colours this week. Flags & scarves adorning cars, balloons & streamers on porches, in windows. By Saturday evening we’ll know. Those gutsy young Dogs have just one more question to answer.

Fires out.

Theatre Taking Over @ The V

Studio V’s going great. August shaping up as the busiest month since officially opening at the start of this year. It’s been a great education – letting the community tell us what they want the space for, and then developing accordingly. When we first started, I thought we’d see photo-shoots, the odd video or film thing, and maybe the occasional yoga or therapy class.

Down the track 8 months – and by far the biggest users are actors and theatre groups hiring the space for rehearsals, classes, workshops, script-writing. Next are singing lessons & therapy classes including mysterious Kambo ceremonies, followed by photo & film/video shoots (kind of the reverse of how I predicted the studio’s use in the beginning). As a result, we’ve added more lighting, chairs, tables & electrical circuits. Time slots have evolved to ‘day-time’ from 10am til 6pm, evenings 6pm til 9 or 10 (exciting stuff, I know).

Yarn played at La Mama through June this year, rehearsed at Studio V.

Fires out.


Mashup’s Housemates Goes Live On ABC

Housemates – a documentary series produced by our building mates, Mashup Pictures – went live on ABC’s iView yesterday. We’ve been keeping the production secret ever since the guys moved into Studio 2, last August. A few weeks back we were invited to a private screening of the series and it totally blew us away. Click here to see it on ABC’s iView.

Housemates Mashup Pics

Fires out.

Pop Up Exhibition @ The V

Hosted our first art exhibition at Studio V last week. Ada & Georgina put a fantastic installation together, starting early Friday morning, opening doors to the public at 4pm, closing late. It was a wild mix of visual art, painting & sculpture. Really made great use of, and totally suited, the space.

Popup What Exhibit

Fires out.

Too Cute @ The V

Awesome use of Studio V this morning. Volunteer puppy-rescue organisation ‘Unforgettable Creatures’ held a dog obedience class. Too cute, this beautiful little staffy (below) was handed to its new owners after the class. It was a full house with instructor Mia talking through and demonstrating various obedience techniques. They have an ongoing booking Saturday mornings. Looking forward to the next one.

Puppy Class at V

Fires out.

International Wall Art 208 – Studio V

Studio V booked solid all week, except Monday. Worked perfectly for street art guys to paint the front wall (smell of paint wafting through the venue). Few days before, this world traveling couple (below) put out an open Facebook invitation for one last piece of art before leaving the country. Max replied & they arrived in the afternoon with the last of their spray paint. Hailing from London, they’ve been on a working holiday traveling Australia for the past year. From here it’s off to Bali then Japan. Many thanks Rory & Lana from http://animauxcircus.co.uk – looks fantastic.

Front Spray In Progress 29Feb16
Front wall art in progress at 208 Johnston St – Studio V.

Fires out.

Stage & Screen

Interesting week at the V, next week. Photo shoots, acting classes & one night a group comes in for screen classes, where actors film each other. If the space works OK, they’ll do it weekly. The space is starting to fill with regular bookings – which seem to be naturally be forming into daytime slots til 6pm & evening slots from 7 til late. We’re still being surprised by the kind of usage that happens. Stuff we hadn’t thought of when we started in November.

Music Video Shoot-07Nov15-WResa
Music video shoot November 2015 at Studio V.

Fires out.

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