Darcy Fox – Raw Talent

She’s probably still be a teenager. Darcy Fox commands her audience like a seasoned pro. Plays like a veteran. Freely admitting she uses a Roland Loop Station at her shows, a wall of sound builds around her, deftly built & put back in place as she pleases. The shot below depicts a solo acoustic show & tells almost none of the story. We all gathered yesterday in a small shop front on High Street, Northcote to experience another Darcy Fox event. There was even a hip hop song in the set, feet darting across pedals, punching loops in and out with calm precision. Go see her.

Darcy Fox Northcote 19Oct14
Darcy Fox, High St Northcote, Melbourne 19th Oct. 2014.

Fires out.

Max Sealing, Liquor License Arrives

Max sealing front wall above venue, Johnston Street below (shot taken 5pm today). Still got holes in the wall letting cold streams of air through. Gotta plug em over the weekend. Liquor license arrived today for Sunday shows in the new venue starting 23rd November. More details coming soon.


Off to Stalk & Kim’s tonight for the usual Friday night jam session.

Fires out.

Plaster Master

After a few weeks of disruption (footy, work & social stuff), back to it this week. Below: Max on ladder, touch-up plastering yesterday (room above the venue). Gotta get this room somewhere near finished to move stuff in from the venue, so we can work on the performance space for shows in there starting next month.


A month of ‘Yak Bar Sundays’ beginning November 23rd, doors open 1pm. We’ll be playing a couple of sets along with guest artists, raffle, sausage sizzle, cheap beer, etc. Somebody say ‘footy theme’?

Fires out.

Vault – UK ’09

Found this shot over the weekend. Live in London May ’09, at Dublin Castle, Camden.

TOF-Live In London 2009

Played shows the following nights in Birmingham & Liverpool (Sound City Festival). Went from there to Poland, Ukraine & Romania.

Fires out.

This Week’s Vault – European Tour ’07

This Week’s Vault Post – ‘Skeleton’, featuring live footage from the first European tour, 2007. Shots & video snippets from Romania, Poland, Germany & Ukraine. There’s a live bit at 3 minute mark, from a club in Bucharest (Romania). By that stage, adrenaline was off the charts…

Fires out.

NITV Awesome

Had a great night sitting up way too late watching NITV – National Indigenous TV. One riveting program after another. That channel’s gotta be one of the most important developments for indigenous Australians in recent times. It’s also a rare gateway through which non-indigenous people can experience the thoughts, opinions, culture & music of the worlds oldest living civilisation. Man, I got into it last night. Had trouble dragging myself away.


Fires out.

Ain’t Over Til It’s Over

Took Mojo down to the Collingwood footy ground this morning. Couldn’t get onto the turf. Pleasantly surprised by AFL State Police sides playing off for the Aussie Grand Final. Victoria v Queensland. No love lost either. It was rough out there in a very good standard of game. The Vics were up at half time (they’ll be well into the 2nd half as I write). Had a chat with a fellow onlooker who summed up perfectly; “Got a million things I’m sposed to be doing. Bugger that, I’m watching a quarter.”

Victoria vs QLD, ALF Police Championship Cup, Victoria Park – 8:30am 8th Oct 2014.

Nothing like early morning footy when you least expect it.

Fires out.

Yak Bar Sundays On The Way

Had a productive conversation with a guy from Victorian Liquor Licensing yesterday. Temp license now applied for – re proposed shows in the new venue starting Sunday 22nd November, running weekly til Sunday 20th December. At this stage, we’re calling them ‘Yak Bar Sundays’ (if all goes to plan). Just like the Yak, where the band started nearly 10 years ago, we’ll have a lot going on. Theme days, half time raffle, party-pies etc, sausage sizzle, guest artists, the infamous ’3rd set’, audience percussion and a whole lot more.

Pics from Yak Bar, Hoddle Street Abbotsford, 2005.

More details coming soon.
Fires out.

Shows Coming Soon

Jamming at Stalk & Kim’s Friday night. Max on mandolin detail.

Pic thanks to Stalk.

Had a long informal strategy ‘meeting’ yesterday. Looks like we’re gearing up for a series of Sunday afternoon shows at the new venue, starting November. More details coming soon. (Yak Bar Sundays)

Fires out.

Pawel’s Tour Pic – Poland 2010

Polish tour manager, Pawel sent us this pic taken after a show there in 2010. It was the first time we’d toured Europe in winter, which also happened to be the coldest winter there in 30 years. We were buried in snow for the whole thing. None of us had ever felt cold like that.

Poland tour shot 2010

That’s Pawel on the right. He’d jump on stage & play guitar for some shows. Mark (next to Pawel) came along & played bass. He left mid-summer North Fitzroy, landing the following day in sub-zero Warsaw clad only in board-shorts, thongs & surf hoodie. Problem was, there was no air-bridge from the plane to the terminal. Mark walked down stairs from the plane, along the tarmac and onto a terminal bus through snow at minus 20 degrees. And they took their time closing the bus doors. Classic Aussie arrival.

Fires out.

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